7 High-Tech Features That Make For A Smarter Driving Experience


It might not be too long until cars drive themselves – an idea that’s been bandied around for at least a decade now, longer if you count science fiction writing. But while that technology is still very much in the beta phase, there are a number of other intriguing technological features that have been popping up in automobiles. Whether the end goal is making the passengers safer, or more comfortable or more entertained, car manufacturers continue to push things forward, especially luxury car brands, which pride themselves on being on the cutting edge.

As Canada’s preeminent exotic car dealership we’ve seen these features in use and can say with confidence that they are each, in their own way, game changers. If you’re interested in driving alongside one of these cutting edge features, AUTO ONE Group now has a few different options. You can go the traditional purchasing route, buying a new or used vehicle from us. You can lease a luxury car for a low monthly payment, enjoying the car for the typical lease term. Or you can check out our new car subscription service, Drive.

We’ve only just rolled out Drive, but we couldn’t be more thrilled about, because – just like these cutting edge features – it’s a game changer too. Put simply, it’s an app that allows you to choose a car payment plan, then renew, cancel or swap your ride as you see fit. Want to try one these features out in a car for a month or two? No problem – you just choose your car, drive it for as long as you want, and then bring it back.

Okay, so we’ve gotten a little off topic from high-tech car features (we tend to get a little excited about these things). Without further ado, here’s our list of the seven high-tech features that make your drive smarter.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Also known as “Autonomous Cruise Control”, this feature takes your traditional cruise control and updates it to make it safer. Using radars or laser sensors, adaptive cruise control ensures that you maintain a safe distance behind other vehicles on the road by slowing down or speeding up as the case may be. It’s added insurance that, when you relinquish control to cruise control, you don’t accidentally hit another car. Many luxury car manufacturers have introduced this feature in their cars, and BMW has even introduced hands-free steering control to go with it in some models.

Android Auto/Apple CarPlay

Increasingly ubiquitous, Android Auto And Apple CarPlay can be seen in most luxury (and many non-luxury) cars these days. They’re not really the same thing; Android Auto is an app that mirrors an Android device on a car’s in-dash infotainment system, whereas CarPlay is technically a standard that projects the Apple interface. It’s mostly a semantic difference, as the end result, to the user, is very similar. In both cases, you get access to your mobile apps, including your maps, books, messages, etc. If you want to try Auto or CarPlay out, come talk to us; we lease luxury cars in Toronto Halifax and Vancouver that come with it, as well as a number of other handy features.


Meaning “Vehicle to vehicle”, V2V is the technology whereby cars communicate with one another. No, they’re not sharing secrets about what music you listen to (a little Celine Dion on the drive home never hurt anyone), but they are swapping information about accidents, blind spots, potential hazards, etc., in an effort to keep drivers and passengers safe. The publication Tecchrunch reckons that, by 2023 all new cars will have V2V tech, so look out for this emerging technology in the years to come.

Voice Control

If you see someone who appears to be talking to themselves as they drive down the highway, give them the benefit of the doubt – they might just be using their voice control! It doesn’t come standard in all cars, but you’re starting to see it more often, and recently BMW made an announcement that Alexa – the infamous Amazon voice assistant – will be in all of its cars next year.

4G LTE Data Connection

Canada’s cellular market is probably to blame for how slowly vehicle connectivity has been making its way to Canada, but the feature is worth mentioning nonetheless. Some mobile providers have been partnering with car manufacturers to make this a reality here in Canada, but the process is relatively slow going.

Night Vision

Not just confined to the realm of action movies, night vision technology has made its way to automobiles as well, with Audi having introduced a night vision feature that uses thermal imaging to alert the driver of the presence of a person or animal. Other luxury brands offer their take on the night vision as well. A selection of used luxury cars we offer come stock with this Predator-style feature, so if you want it in your next car, be sure to ask us about it.

Attention Assist

Mercedes is introducing its Attention Assist – which you can see here. To counteract drivers getting drowsy at the wheel and causing an accident, the Attention Assist will detect typical signs of fatigue by comparing your normal driving style, including steering speed and movement, which it learns over time, with your current driving. If it concludes that you might be a little sluggish at the moment, it will tell you to pull over and take a rest. This could be a big leap forward for safety, so expect to see this technology more and more in the coming years.

Come visit us at AUTO ONE Group to lease a car and try one of these cutting edge features on for size. It’s never been easier to drive a new luxury car with the car subscription services through our Drive app, since all you have to do is sign up, get pre-qualified (according to bank account, not Beacon score!) and you’re off to the races. Technology is moving quickly these days, especially in the automotive industry, so to enjoy all the latest high-tech features, come visit us to talk about leasing today.

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