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Western Canada’s Trusted Dealership Brand

In January of 2011, our brand expanded to a conveniently located location right in the heart of Vancouver. It’s here we offer leases on vehicles which are impeccably priced. Our highly skilled representatives here offer you a first class buying experience. Our team boasts deep knowledge of all makes & models, as well as car lease & finance options in Vancouver. Most importantly, they’ve worked hard to earn a reputation of providing an unmatched level of customer service.

Car Lease Vancouver

For those who want to lease a car in Vancouver, you’ll find the best options available in the market with our offerings. Our team is more than happy to offer you quick and easy lease/loan approvals. We’re able to offer this as we operate on in-house capital which means you can skip the hassle of a long, drawn-out application process. Our team in Vancouver is eager to help you get on the road faster and with less headache than typically found with other dealerships.

We offer options on car leases in Vancouver including better payment customization, lower monthly payments and tax advantages.

Why pay taxes on the full price of a vehicle when you can pay much lower taxes on a monthly payment instead?

Leasing a car or truck in Vancouver also comes with benefits such as less depreciation on your vehicle, the option to write off lease payments if you use your vehicle for business and the ability to upgrade your vehicle more often.

Our leases enable mid-term and end-term upgrades that get you into a new truck, luxury or exotic vehicle faster than if you were to finance a car over several years and suffer from vehicle depreciation. When you lease a car in Vancouver with our program, you can keep it at the end of the lease (if you still feel the love for it!), trade it in and start over with a new vehicle or simply return it and walk away.


The AUTO|ONE Vancouver Advantage

AUTO ONE prides itself on being one of the largest, most customer-centric leasing companies in Vancouver . Conveniently located in central Vancouver, our savvy sales team has built a strong reputation of providing professional, kind, and knowledgeable service in your search for commercial, luxury or exotic vehicles.

Our team will help you find the luxury or exotic automobile you’ve been looking for, and would be happy to  help you find a lease plan that works best for you. Our auto leases are designed to fit the individual car buyer and our in-house capital options provide exceptional cash flow benefits compared to typical loan providers.

If you’re in the market for a luxury or exotic car in Vancouver, our sales team can help you find the one right for you. View our inventory, read the experiences of past customers or read through our blog for car buying insights before making a purchase.


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