Car Subscription Service, Renewed Monthly

Car subscription is the future of driving. You choose your car and payment plan, then renew, cancel or swap your ride on a monthly basis as you see fit. A small application fee of $25 gets you started on month to month flexibility.

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AUTO|ONE DRIVE is the Future of Driving

One Monthly Payment

Simple and transparent pricing.


We take care of registration, maintenance and roadside assistance. You drive hassle-free, all at a fantastic price.


Month-to-month flexibility means you don’t need to commit to 3 or 5 years of car payments. Renew, cancel or swap to a different car monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does car subscription work? After you signup with AUTO ONE DRIVE and are approved, you choose your plan and pick your car.
Does it include insurance? Not yet, but we hope to have regulatory approval in the future to offer a one payment solution. In meantime, we can facilitate a quote for coverage via our insurance broker.
How often can I swap my ride? You can swap your ride once every 30 days.
What if a car gives me problems? This likely won't happen because we maintain our cars. But if it does, we'll work with you to resolve the problems quickly and easily. A roadside assistance plan is available with every vehicle.
How many kilometers can I drive? Just like your cell phone plan, you choose your monthly kilometers. A small per-kilometer fee applies if you drive over your plan.
Are there any other fees? A small application fee of $25 and one-time initiation fee of $175 for as long as you are a subscriber. A $125 fee will be applied if you swap cars. No other fees if you keep the same car.
What kind of cars do you have? Every car is a recent model year vehicle that is impeccably maintained. Vehicle models include sedans, crossovers and SUVs depending on your market.
How do I pay for gas? Every car will be filled with gas when you get it. If it is not full when you swap or return your ride, we'll charge you the difference at the local rate, with a small convenience fee.
How do you handle maintenance? When your car is due for maintenance, we give you a notice and take care of it for you - so you are never stranded.
What are the requirements to join? Be 25 or above, have a clean driving record, a valid credit card and good standing credit. Currently available only in Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax.

Car Subscription Pricing

AUTO|ONE DRIVE Monthly Plans

800 KMs

65 cents per extra KM

Per month + taxes/fees

1200 KMs

65 cents per extra KM

Per month + taxes/fees

1500 KMs

65 cents per extra KM

Per month + taxes/fees
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