Your Next Business Vehicle Could Be One of These 7 Cars!

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7 Cars for 7 Companies – How to Choose Your Next Business Vehicle

Your Next Business Vehicle Could Be One of These 7 Cars!

No two companies are totally alike. They may differ in industry, services, products, staff size, finances, location… the list is a mile long. All this is to say that we face a challenge in promoting what we believe are the best “company vehicles” because “companies” aren’t a monolithic thing. We might be able to dispense with advice on the best hatchbacks for couples, the best SUVs for families and the finest compact cars for college students, but when it comes to companies, it’s a little harder.

So, we’ve decided to break it down into seven different examples. In this post, we’ve listed seven fictional companies, each with their own unique features and concerns, and paired them with what we believe is an appropriate vehicle.

At AUTO ONE Group we have many of the following vehicles in our nationwide inventory, and for the ones we don’t currently have, we can order them for you. Whatever your business and fleet size, our experienced representatives can handle your business vehicle fleet with ease and professionalism. With us, you get impeccable second-hand automobiles and/or equipment for incredibly affordable lease prices that allow your business to pay less and control cash flow.

Let us know if you see your business in any of these examples!

The Busy Landscaping Company: Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Recently on this blog, we wrote about the perfect trucks for small businesses looking to upgrade your fleet today – and one of the entries on that list was the Silverado 3500. A heavy-duty truck with a comfy interior, the 3500 is perfect for hauling loads of planters, as well as easing the backs of your landscapers after a long day. The cab has ample storage, and the infotainment system is top-of-the-line.

The Downtown Law Firm: Aston Martin DB9

What you don’t want is roll up to a client meeting driving an old beater that clanks and coughs as you park it. A car like that sends the wrong kind of message. You want something that projects sophistication, prosperity and – yes, although it’s hard to admit – wealth. Clients want to know they’re being taken care of by someone who’s in the top of their field, and that’s exactly the message a car like the Aston Martin DB9 sends.

It has a 6.0L V12 engine, 20″ 5-spoke diamond turned wheels, paddle shifts, power leather seats for both driver and passenger, sports exhaust and leather headliner – to name a few, amazing things. And it’s all available for lease at our Vancouver location.

The Store-to-Store Product Rep: Ford Fusion

You have a busy sales rep who, let’s say, travels between liquor stores to promote your products. You have three key criteria: the car has to be able to fit a decent amount of product and merchandise; the car has to look good coming up the street; and, with the amount the rep drives around, the car ought to be good on gas. The Ford Fusion ticks off all three boxes.

It’s a sleek-looking hybrid mid-size sedan with ample trunk space. And for a few cherries on top, it has dual automatic climate control, navigation, power sunroof, heated and vented leather seats, and remote start. The only problem is, the client might want to buy your car instead of on your product (kidding, obviously.)

The Wedding Caterer: Nissan NV200

The wedding is nowhere near your kitchen, but you have to get 150 orders of prepped Italian food to the venue to be finished, plated and served. You want a car that has a decent amount of space, one that handles well (because God forbid, the van mismanages a right turn and your cart full of stewed tomato sauce tips over) and one that’s reasonably good on gas.

Pitched as “a commercial vehicle with a small footprint”, the NV200 is a 4/5 door commercial compact van that gets the job done without guzzling gas. It’s even accessible for a forklift. Call us here at AUTO ONE Group about our business car leasing and ask about ordering a van fleet for your company; we’ll discuss size, price, fuel economy and anything else important to you.

The Neighbourhood Plumber: Mercedes-Benz Freightliner Sprinter

You need something a bit bigger than the NV200, something that will haul a hydro-jet, copper pipes and a smorgasbord of other tools and materials. You also need something that stands up well against the Canadian winter. Oh, and you want to take advantage of that famous German engineering. Check out the Freightliner Sprinter, which is the Mercedes Sprinter in collaboration with North America’s leading medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle manufacturer, Freightliner. You get the best of both worlds.

The Personal Trainer: Mini Cooper

You want a car that’s as lean and mean as you are, that isn’t afraid of hard work but likes to have while doing it? Look no further: the Mini Cooper remains the benchmark for affordable, entertaining compact cars. Recently voted the best compact commercial car (granted, this was in the UK, so some national pride have been at play), the MINI Cooper isn’t just a personal car. It’s economical, well made, fun to drive and it takes a decal incredibly well!

The Real Estate Agent:  Audi Q7

As with the lawyer – and just about 1,000 other professions we didn’t name here – the real estate agent has an image to worry about when considering a company car. Not only that, but they often have to cart around various items to stage and dress a home, which means they need something with a little more space. Luxury plus space equals the Audi Q7, an SUV with 7,700 pounds of towing capacity and the sleek, sporty look you expect of a luxury brand.

What kind of company is your next vehicle for? If it isn’t listed here, or if you want more information, feel free to comment, email or drop us a line. Better yet, visit us at one of our locations in Vancouver, Halifax or Toronto.

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