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What Your Leased Car Says About You

There are a ton of online quizzes out there about what your car “says about you”. You can find them all over Facebook. They’re not exactly scientific studies, but as far as fun diversions go, you could do worse. Clicking through the quiz, you’ll answer questions like “How old is your car?”, “What kind of car do you drive?”, “What’s in your trunk?”, and “How often do you replace your car?”. Depending on how you answer, the quiz gods will either spit out an announcement that you are “savvy and sophisticated”, “fun and adventurous”, or, less appealingly, “plain and modest”.

Just because you drive a blue-green minivan, doesn’t mean you’re adventurous (though it probably does mean you like solving mysteries), and just because you drive a black sports car, it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily trying to be sophisticated. But maybe the way in which you got your car says something about you. Here at AUTO ONE Group we thought it would be fun to take those “What Your Car Says About You” questions and flip them around to find out what your leased car says about you.

“How old is your car?”

If you’re leasing a car, chances are that your car is pretty new. Because leasing offers lower monthly payments, without the burden of saving up a large down payment, leasers can afford new cars more easily. And because AUTO ONE Group offers leases using in-house capital, our car leasing company stays a cut about the rest, offering competitive pricing. What that means is that you also have access to the newest in automobile technology. If you want to drive a car that’s on the cutting edge of fuel economy, you can absolutely do that. Or, maybe you’re after the latest infotainment systems or Apple Car Play – you can absolutely do that, too.

“What kind of car do you drive?”

The short answer here is that you drive the best possible car for your income level. You want a “savvy and sophisticated” car? We can source just about any luxury or exotic vehicle, meaning that your leased car can be as decked out and balling as you want it to be, and our skilled representatives will sit down with you and figure out a lease deal that works for your budget.

“What’s in your trunk?”

All the extra money you’ve saved. Maybe a few groceries too. Next.

“How often do you replace your car?”

Our leasing programs are very flexible, and allow you the chance to upgrade whenever you want, with many AUTO ONE Group customers opting to upgrade every two to four years. If you’ve fallen in love with your car – keep it. If you want to trade the car in for something newer, by all means let us source the new car that you want, or check out our inventory of used exotic cars on our website to see what’s available. You can replace your car as often as your heart desires.

So, having answered all those questions honestly, what does your leased car say about you? Well, it says that you did the math and figured out that when you lease a car, you have access to better cars: luxury and sports cars that would be beyond your price range if you were buying. It also says that you like saving money. You like lower monthly payments, tax advantages and paying less for the depreciation of a vehicle. Finally, when you lease a car, it says that you’re savvy, sophisticated, fun and adventurous, all rolled into one.

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