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Nothing Says Mother’s Day Like A New Set Of Wheels!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner – May 13th, to be exact – and what better way to zoom around that corner than in a new luxury car. For the woman that raised you, or the mother of your children, it can be tough to think of a good enough gift – a gift that conveys gratitude and love, that will surprise and impress her. You could go the typical route and show up with flowers or wine, but this year, maybe mom deserves a bit of a larger gesture.

The first step is to come down to one of our AUTO ONE Group locations in Vancouver, Halifax or Toronto and talk to our representatives about leasing or buying a car for mom. We’ll discuss the finer details of buying or leasing for someone else and work out a way that you might be able to surprise her. You could surprise her with a picture of the car you’d like to get her, and then bring her down to the dealership to work out the paperwork, or you could purchase or lease the car and then transfer it into her name – it can be a bit of a process, but nothing we can’t figure out!

The next thing to consider is exactly which car you think your mom would like. Is she a speed demon, or would she like the safety of something a little larger? Perhaps she’s an avid skier or antique (two random examples that may or may not be inspired by our own moms), and would like a lot of trunk space; or perhaps she’s happy to have a recently empty nest and would like nothing more than a two-door sports car – at AUTO ONE Group, the best exotic car dealership in Canada, we can help source anything.

For something fast and furious, consider the Audi R8, a two-door coupe with a V10 engine and Quattro all-wheel drive that can get mom to her appointments and back very fast. We have a used model in our Vancouver inventory (at the time of writing), or we can source a new one for her. If you want other ideas for fast, pre-owned luxury cars, you can always check out our collection of used cars on our website, or come down and see us in person. If it’s something a little bigger that you think she’d like, try an SUV like the BMW X5, a 7-passenger diesel engine beast with a slick exterior and state of the art infotainment system. We have a pre-owned X5 (again, at the time of writing, that is) at our Toronto location, so if it’s an SUV you’re after, give us a call or come down to the dealership.

Then there’s the matter of how to break the news – this is where you get to really have some fun. You could get her a card that says, “For the woman who raised me, a little bit of luxury”, with a picture of the car inside; you could go for a bit of word play by saying “Best / Mom in the / World” down the side of the card, so that when you tell her to read down the first letters, they read “BMW”; or you could simply take her for a drive down to AUTO ONE Group to see our selection of used cars and tell her to take her pick! There’s endless fun to be had here.

Mother’s Day isn’t for a little while, so you have time to do some planning. The first step is to call us or come down to the dealership and talk to one of our representatives about buying or leasing a car for mom. You can pretty much guarantee that she’ll be beaming when she tells her friends!

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