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New Vs. Used Cars: Which Suits You Better?

There’s that age-old question – whether you should buy a new car or a used car – but the question doesn’t take into account the fact that there are different ways to approach each prospect. Right off the bat, we here at AUTO ONE Group believe that it’s wise to lease a new car, and it’s wise to buy a used car, because, as you’ll see, it just works out better financially that way. The question then remains, which option suits you better: buying a used car, or leasing a new one?

Luckily, at AUTO ONE Group we have dedicated representatives who’ve been doing this a long time, and will be able to coach you through the decision-making process, as we offer both leases on the hottest new cars, as well as awesome deals on the cars in our pre-owned inventory. But let’s say you’re looking for a Coles Notes version of that conversation – to help you decide whether you’re more of a new car leaser or used car buyer, here are few key things to consider.

New Cars

Let’s take a look first at new cars in general. With the automobile industry making huge strides in the fields of safety and fuel economy, you have to consider how important being on the cutting edge is. Fuel efficiency is certainly a facet of the car industry that’s getting exponentially better, so if you’re someone who is passionate about your carbon footprint, or maybe someone who’s looking to cut down on fuel costs in their life (new parents often free up money this way), considering fuel efficient cars for lease is in your best interest. And, should a more fuel efficient car come along in a couple years, you know that, because you’ve leased, you can move to that particular model afterwards.

Safety is another factor to consider in new cars, especially if you have a family – with a little bit of research, you can easily find automobiles on the cutting edge of safety. If you’re young, or if you’re just starting a family, the benefits of leasing a new car are clear: you deal with your lease payment incrementally, as you would any other bill, and you’re not bound to the overall price of the car’s depreciation, meaning you’re not stuck with an old car in four year’s time. You will always have the latest technology underneath you, and you will always be able to budget your monthly finances to pay for it.

Used Cars

We understand the appeal of owning a car, even if it’s seen a few miles, and our selection of used cars at AUTO ONE Group contains all sorts of makes and models, allowing you to choose the best fit. For the price-conscious, and those who plan on driving their car cross-country a great deal, buying one of our used cars is a good way to go. In general, buying used car, as opposed to a new one, is better economically, because the initial period of intense depreciation has passed (some say a new car drops 11% in value the moment you take it off the lot). And, if you plan on driving the car great distances, over the mileage allowance of a lease – in other words, if you’re buying a car with the intention of driving it into the ground, buying used is the way to go.

At the end of the day, it boils down to finances and personal preference. We’ve met a lot of people who just feel comfortable owning a car, even if it’s a little older, and even if it means they can’t just turn around and get a new one in a couple years. Everybody has their own unique way of deciding – the important thing is that you remain in the driver seat.

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