6 Reasons Why Leasing a Car is a Smarter Option

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6 Reasons Why Leasing a Car is a Smarter Option

When you make the decision to buy a new vehicle, you need to consider more than colors and options. One of the biggest considerations will be how you decide to pay for it.

Will you pay cash, take out a loan or a take advantage of a personal lease? All of these options will get you the car, but what will be the best deal for you?

When you pay cash, you’re now out of pocket and have a depreciating item to show for it.

When you finance a car, you are financing the price of the car, the taxes and the interest owed.

When you choose personal car leasing, you only pay for the portion of the vehicle you are using and not the whole car.

Here are 6 reasons why taking one of the personal car lease deals offered to you can be a smarter option:

  1. Monthly payments are lower. This means more cash flow, and ability to drive away in a vehicle that may have been outside of your budget if you financed it.
  2. You get tax advantages when you lease. The monthly lease payment is taxed rather than the price of the car. That means you pay tax only on your monthly payment and not the car’s sale price.
  3. There is far less depreciation with a lease.  Since you only pay for a set amount of time that you are using the vehicle, depreciation is far less than if you paid cash or financed!
  4. Upgrading your vehicle is much easier. Leases are normally a shorter length of time to allow for higher residual values, so it is easy to get out of one lease and into another new car quickly. This is especially beneficial if you like to drive the latest and greatest.
  5. Your payment customization options are better. Take advantage of flexible terms when it comes to a personal lease. Our personal car leasing programs allow you to select the appropriate structure (down payment, term, mileage) that works with your budget.
  6. A lease is not a personal lien. Because the vehicle is in the leasing company’s name, there is no personal lien attached to it. When financing a vehicle, liens are against your name which can create negative impact on your credit score.

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